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The Cavalier Fanciers of Southern Ontario

The Cavalier Fanciers of Southern Ontario Club was formed in 1988, when a group of active, local breeders decided that a regional club would add to their knowledge and enjoyment of the breed. As well, the social interaction amongst its members would encourage others interested in cavaliers to join, and expand the diversity of the club. 

The first meeting took place in February, 1988 at the home of George and Jane Dewar in St. Catharines. From the beginning it was decided that an applicant must first be a member of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Canada before becoming eligible to join CFSO. This was an indication to the National Club that CFSO wished to work in co-operation with the CKCSCC, and not in competition with it. 

In September 1989, CFSO received official recognition from the Canadian Kennel Club. As membership grew, The Club decided to hold a specialty show each year to showcase our breed in this area. The first step was to organize a sanction match which was held on May 27, 1989. The first CFSO regional Specialty Show was held in 1991 on the grounds of Brinklow Hill, the home of Lang and Norma Moffat, and that yearly show on the last Sunday in June continues to this day. Canadian judges and breeder judges from overseas are chosen alternately for the show. 

Since education of breeders and the public is one of the mandates of the Club, CFSO participates in three main events in this regard. An eye clinic, open to all breeds, has been held each autumn since 1988. In recent years this has expanded to include a heart clinic. The second event is participation in the Sportsmen’s Show in Toronto each spring where club members staff a booth and introduce their cavaliers to the public, answering questions and handing out educational material on the breed. In 1996 the club devised and produced a Puppy Buyer’s Guide, and this has been so helpful and successful that other clubs have asked permission to reproduce it for the information of pet buyers in their areas. It has been updated several times and continues to be a help to cavalier clubs both here and in the United States. A third yearly event was established in 2002 and is held in September. The Cavalier Pet Picnic is open to all cavaliers and their human families. The intent was to provide a day of fun and enjoyment without the kind of serious competition found at dog shows. This event continues in Campbellville on the Moffat’s property. There are games for dogs and people, a terrific potluck lunch and a Chinese auction to help defray the costs of the event. Thanks to the success of the Chinese Auction, the Club has been able to make donations to the National Club’s Health & Education committee, Rescue and the Yearbook. Other educational events are held as well, ranging from weekend seminars, to one day events, to shorter information presentations at meetings. From September to May each year, CFSO hosts a series of show handling classes helping both the novice and experienced handlers improve their skills, and their dogs learn to enjoy the show ring. 

The club has grown from strength to strength in its life. Membership has grown from a beginning of 17 in 1988 to approximately 100 in 2011. One of the most important elements in keeping CFSO strong, has been the co-operative and happy atmosphere which pervades its activities. Long may it continue. In 2008, CFSO celebrated its 20th year as a club. On June 27th, 2010 we celebrated our 20th Specialty Show. 

You can also check out our website at 

Our Board of Directors is as follows: 

PresidentJudy McArthur
Vice PresidentBecky Hergott
TreasurerPam Godfrey
SecretaryKim Hergott
ActivitiesHelen Godfrey
MembershipDelorys Bower
SocialDallas Kyle
ShowRobin Somerville

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Atlantic Canada 

Our club represents the provinces of Atlantic Canada – New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. 
The club was formed in August 2018. 

Our aims are to: 

  • encourage the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as a breed by educating members and the public about the benefits of our breed and responsibilities of purebred dog ownership; 
  • encourage and promote quality in the breeding of purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniels; 
  • do all in our power to protect and advance the interest of the breed and to encourage good sportsmanship in competition at conformation shows and performance events; 
  • conduct sanctioned and approved events under the rules of the Canadian Kennel Club; 
  • abide by the principles of the Canadian Kennel Club Code of Ethics; 
  • foster social activities of the membership; 
  • operate the Club on a non-profit basis. 

Our Board of Directors is as follows: 

PresidentPaul Oslach
Vice PresidentJayne Hudson
SecretaryTrish Wright
TreasurerTrish Wright
Past PresidentPeter Alders
MembershipJanie Girouard
CommunicationsSusan Smith
NS and NFLDCatherine Mallet
NB and PEI Julie Corkum
We are currently a small group and welcome new members. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of BC

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of BC was founded and registered with the Canadian Kennel Club February 1, 1989. 

We are a small club whose aim is to support and preserve the Cavalier breed. Our membership consists of breeders, exhibitors in the Conformation ring; competitors in Obedience, Agility and Rally and families who just own and love their Cavaliers. 

We encourage our breeders to do all feasible testing of their breeding stock to promote a healthy future for the breed and to provide happy, long-living companions for all those who choose to share their lives with this wonderful little dog. 

We hold an annual Specialty Show, usually in April and we support the entries at three other shows throughout the Province. 

We hold an annual picnic in the summer and a Christmas party in December of which both are open to all Cavalier lovers and their dogs. 

Our Board of Directors is as follows: 

PresidentCatherine McKenna
Vice PresidentNatalia dos Santos
SecretaryLouise Pearce
TreasurerEileen Bevis
Past PresidentLorne Thompson
MembershipCatherine McKenna
ShowsSu Ann Quah
ObedienceMaureen Murray
HospGavin Murray
Health & EducationTBD
RescueHelen Godfrey
You can check out our website at

Eastlake Cavalier Club 

This Club was formed to accommodate cavalier fanciers in Eastern Ontario. 

The Objects of the Club are to: 

  • Promote quality in the breeding of the Cavalier 
  • Urge members to accept the standard of the breed as approved by the Canadian Kennel Club 
  • Protect and advance the interest in the bred and to encourage good sportsmanship 
  • Conduct sanctioned and approved events under the Canadian Kennel Club Rules 

The Eastlake Club provides a yearly Heart and Eye Clinic in May. 
We have Board certified Specialists for both the Heart and Eye. 
We assist the National Cavalier Club where possible both financially and with manpower. 
We encourage aspiring judges to judge at this event. 
We have various social functions to include our membership. 
We enjoy a Cavalier Specialty every other year. 
We provide gifts and support booster show held at Ontario County Kennel Club each year. 

New members are welcome, but they must be members of the CKCSCC and also be eligible for Canadian Kennel Club Membership. 

PresidentElaine Whitney
Vice PresidentKaren Tomlins
TreasurerChristine Dingsdale
SecretaryDonna Rayner
Events DirectorElaine Whitney
Membership DirectorRon Barton

Interior Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club

The Interior Club is a newly recognized club that will be holding their first specialty Aug 30, 2019 and will be hosting the Canadian Nationals, Aug 31 and the B.C. Regional on Sept 1, 2019. We have been involved in visitation of 3 assisted living facilities with our dogs. Of course, Cavaliers make the perfect visitors. 

PresidentKim Gibbs
Vice PresidentBernice Newbury
TreasurerChrista Lane 
SecretaryDebbie Robinson
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