Health information

The Cavalier is known to be a sturdy, healthy little dog, but there are genetic tendencies in the breed to develop specific health problems. All dogs of all breeds are subject to inheritable diseases, and the Cavalier is no better or worse in this regard than other breeds.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club, through its Health and Education Committee, has researched and accumulated articles about possible genetic diseases, their treatment, and what is being done in the way of research to eliminate or lessen the effect of them.

A genetically caused condition may occur in an occasional individual, even if the breeder has put heart and soul into testing in an effort to provide healthy lines and produce long-lived dogs. Although ethical breeders inform prospective pet owners about these diseases. Reputable breeders put much time, money and effort into breeding away from inherited disease in their animals, and most will offer a buyer a one-year guarantee from date of birth against any disabling genetic defect.

We hope that the readers of these articles will keep in mind that the Cavalier is generally speaking a healthy all-purpose dog without any exaggerated features. It has a nicely balanced, well-boned body, is adaptable to town or country living, and has the very best temperament in the canine world. You don’t know what dog love is until you have been loved by a Cavalier!

There is now a DNA test for Dry EyeCurly Coat & Episodic Falling which should eradicate these problems.

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