The first Cavalier Club in North America was the CKCS-USA, which was established in Kentucky in 1956. It is a private club with no affiliation with the American Kennel Club and has its own championship points system. In 1995, a group of well-established breeders formed the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club to have the breed recognized by the American Kennel Club. Now that Cavaliers can be AKC registered they may take part in conformation shows and obedience and agility trials throughout the country. The ACKCSC also holds national and regional specialty shows.

In Canada, Cavaliers were granted recognition by the Canadian Kennel Club in 1957. Deanhill Panda, a blenheim male bred by Lady Ivor Spencer-Churchill and imported by Mrs. C. Cunningham, was the first Cavalier to be shown in the breed ring. By 1965, a small number of Cavaliers were being shown across the country. Charles Frew and Sheila Anderson in British Columbia had both imported Pargeter stock, and the Rowans in New Brunswick had imported Kilspindie Snowdrift from the USA. Pargeter Flashback, owned by Sheila Anderson, became the first Canadian Champion in 1965. The early 1970’s saw a considerable increase of Cavaliers in the show ring, particularly in Ontario. Ch. Newforest Rufus, bred and showed by Poppy Steel, became the first to attain an all-breed Best In Show. The first Obedience Trial Champion was Ch. Picbrand Mardi Grais, owned and handled by Paul Oslach of Guelph, Ontario. Other noteworthy representatives of the breed have kept the Cavalier banner flying high since then, achieving Group wins and Best In Show honours.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Of Canada

In Central Canada, Cavaliers typically make up one of the largest entries in the Toy Group. In other regions as well, Cavaliers are being shown in healthier numbers. Growing popularity is a double-edged sword, and conscientious breeders remain vigilant, to ensure that their dogs are raised with care and placed with loving owners.

The CKCS Club of Canada was founded in 1973, with Henry Benedetti serving as President. In 1976, the Club held its first Specialty Championship Show in Barrie, Ontario. Since then, the National Specialty has been held in venues across Canada. Obedience trials, puppy sweepstakes, health clinics and educational seminars have been added to the Specialty weekends over the years. The National Specialty is a highlight of the Cavalier year and draws entries from across the country and from the United States as well. An important link between the Club and its members is the bi-monthly “Cavalier Quotes” newsletter, and the Club Yearbook produced since 1978 is a ongoing archival reference for all breeders.

The CKCSC of Canada has welcomed the development of regional Clubs as numbers of breeders and dogs have increased nationwide. First to be established was the Cavalier Fanciers of Southern Ontario in 1988, followed by the CKCS Club of British Columbia, the CKCS Club of Midwestern Canada and the Eastlake Cavalier Club. 

The CKCSC Club of Canada continues to grow through its encouragement of breeders and new members. Growth brings a responsibility to our lovely breed to protect those dogs in need. A rescue service has been established to provide temporary refuge for Cavaliers fallen on hard times, and it is the members’ credit that they have wholeheartedly co-operated in housing needy Cavaliers until new and loving homes can be found for them. Our Club will work as before to develop and promote the Cavalier according to the Breed Standard, and to protect the breed through the encouragement of responsible and careful breeding practices.


1973 – 1977Enrico (Henry) Benedetti
1978 – 1981C.S.E. (Chuck) Purser
1982 – 1983E.C. (Curley) Moore
1984 – 1987C.S.E. (Chuck) Purser
1988 – 1991Norma Moffat
1992 – 1993Bill Kendrick
1994 – 1995Pat Barrington
1996 – 1997Paul Oslach
1998 – 2001Elaine Whitney
2002 – 2005Lang Moffat
2006 – 2009Elaine Whitney
2010 – 2014Pat Harris
2014 – 2015Elaine Whitney
2016 – 2019Susan Smith
2020 – 2021Norma Moffat
2022 – PresentElaine Whitney

By Norma Moffat, Brinklow Cavaliers and Katie Eldred, Turnworth Cavaliers

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