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2014 National Specialty Critique

Thursday, April 17, 2014
Chilliwack, BC

Judge: Peter Towse, Miletree Cavaliers, UK

I would like to thank the committee of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Canada for inviting me to judge their National Specialty Show, 2014. I thank my ring steward for a smooth transition from class to class. I particularly want to thank all the exhibitors for entering for my opinion and appreciate the long distances travelled by them. The show had a wonderful atmosphere and I enjoyed the day. The wonderful evening banquet gave me the chance to meet some old friends as well as making new ones.

1st – SHEEBA FORE CANTEBURY (Am Ch. Sheeba Super-G X Sheeba Express Deloght) Breeder: Karin Ostmann; owners: Bernice Newbury & Kim Gibbs. 7 month old Blenheim with well broken markings, very nice size and well balanced shape with good correct bone. Two dark pigmented eyes in a nicely cushioned face, gave a pretty expression. Good level top line with excellent tail set held well on the move. Good rear angulation and fore square movement. Good coat coming. Wonderful temperament. RESERVE WINNERS DOG & BEST PUPPY

2nd – MSFIZZ JOHNNY IS A JOKER (Am Ch. Bekenhall Jailhouse Rock X Ch. Devon’s Victoria of MsFizz) Breeder/owner: Mary Kalyniuk. 6 month old Blenheim, also well broken, with rich coloured markings. A smaller puppy than winner. Slighter in bone and body and would benefit from a little more weight. Large eyes giving a pretty expression. Top line a little soft at the moment. Movement not as tight as the winner. Good temperament

1st – MINGCHEN TAKE A CHANCE (Aranel Revelation X Ch. Mingchen Dancing With Stars) Breeder: Louise Pearce; owner: Linda McCarver. Nearly 12 month old richly marked, well broken Blenheim. Good ear set frames a pair of nice dark eyes, giving a pleasant expression. Nose a little off today and teeth need to finish changing. Nice size and overall shape with moderate bone. Rear not as well angulated as it could be. Rear movement a little close. Good temperament.

12 – 15 MONTH MALE (3 entries, 1 absent)
1st – KIBERGO ROYAL LAD (Ch/Motch Moyola Lad of the Lake X Kibergo New Joy) Breeder: Brigitte Falch; owner: Jennifer McLean. 13 month old richly marked Blenheim. Large dark eyes and a nice expression. Well grown body of nice size and balance. Good rear angulation gave good movement; unfortunately spoilt a little by a tail carried too high but also had a curl.

2nd – KACPER DOBRY ROK (Toraylac Mastermind X Royal Rose Dobry Rok) Breeder: Wioletta Matusiak; owner: Florence Blair. Near 15 month old Blenheim male with lozenge and well broken markings. A smaller dog than winner with slighter bone. The face needs more time to fill out. Eyes could be a little larger. Top line falls from shoulder down over croup, but has a good tail set. Good four square movement. Would benefit from putting on a little more weight. Hopefully all will come with time.

15 – 18 MONTH MALE (1 entry)
1st – PRIMAHAUS DIAMONDS FOR KENRIC (Ch. Sheeba King Arthur X Ch. Kingshaven Diamonds AreForever) Breeder: Linda Hauser; owners: Michele Matheson & Warren Zieper. Almost 18 month old Blenheim with dark eyes and nice expression. Good neck and shoulders, good top line and tail set. Very good rear angulation gave good movement coming and going. Good size, shape and overall balance. A lovely temperament.

OPEN MALE – BLENHEIM (2 entries)
1st – LYNWOOD PERFECT PITCH (Sevenwoods Dakota X Lynwood Seven Bridges Road) Breeders: Linda Baird, Susan Shidler, Meg Ispas-Hennessey, Woody Goode; owner: Linda Hauser. Nicely marked 19 month old with rich chestnut and clean white coat in profusion with dark eyes framed by large ears gave a nice expression. Good neck and shoulders. Good top line and tail set moved well and fore square.

2nd – KEWPY’S JERSEY BOY AT TEGART (Ch. Devon’s Guess Who of Kewpy X Kewpy’s Fergie) Breeder: Karen Wills; owner: Cornelia & Keith Tegart. Another richly coloured Blenheim with dark eyes. Shorter than winner in many ways. Shorter in nose (compromised the teeth) shorter in neck and also in loin. Good fore chest, well feathered with clean white bib. Good spring of rib. Good bone made this a compact dog. Well coated. Movement was a little erratic today.

OPEN MALE – RUBY (1 entry)
1st – SUNSPRITE’S I GOT RHYTHM (Ch. Shirmont Rhapsody in Blue X Ch. Dawnaquinn Kate Kaslan, RN) Breeder: Elaine Munson; owners: Heather Fee & Elaine Munson. 20 month old Ruby with nice rich colour. Large dark eyes and good ears gave a pleasing expression. Good neck and shoulders. Good top line and tail set. A nice size and shape, well balanced in good coat condition. Moved with confidence, holding a correct level tail. WINNERS DOG

1ST – MISHKA POWERHORN BAY (Can/AmGRCHEX Sheeba Happily Inspired CGN X Cayenne Shining Star) Breeder: Venita Lang; owner: Thomas Faulkner. 23 month old Tricolour with very clean-cut markings. Large dark eyes framed by very large well feathered ears gave a pleasing expression. A nice size and well balanced shape. Could do with a little more bone and still has a bit of maturing to do. Rich tan in all the correct places.

VETERAN MALE (7 – 9 YEARS) (2 entries)
1st – CAN/AMGCHX SHEEBA HAPPILY INSPIRED, CGN (Am Ch Sheeba Special Inspiration X Sheeba Sweet Enchantment) Breeder: Karin Ostmann; owners: Thomas Faulkner & Rhonda Blair. 9 year old Tricolour with clear-cut jet black markings on a clean white ground. Nice eyes and very large well feathered ears gave a lovely expression. Still has nice clean teeth. Coat going a little curly over the flanks, very well presented. Movement was excellent coming and going with all limbs moving parallel.

2nd – CAN/AM CH. SHEEBA HIGHLAND WIZARD (Am Ch. Sheeba Harry Potter X Am Ch. Sheeba Hermione) Breeder: Karin Ostmann; owners: Thomas Faulkner & Rhonda Blair. Nearly ten years old with rich, well broken Blenheim markings and clean white, also well presented. Dark eyes giving a nice expression. Nose has lost some depth of pigment with age, as to be expected. A smaller dog than his classmate and has just lost a little body condition and not in full coat. Moved well but head carriage was not as good as classmate, but a real credit to his owner.

VETERAN MALE (12+ YEARS) (1 entry)
1st – CAN/AM/GCHEX SHEEBA TED E BEAR, CGN/RN (Am Ch. Telvara Incognito X Am Ch. Sheeba Go For The Gold) Breeder: Karin Ostmann; owners: Karin Ostmann, Thomas Faulkner & Rhonda Blair. A 13 year old Blenheim with lozenge. Large dark eyes, lovely expression. Good size and well balanced shape. In full coat, well presented. Moved very well and so earned BEST VETERAN IN SHOW

1st – MSFIZZ KISS ME ONCE AT KEWPY (Bekenhall Jailhouse Rock X Ch. Devon’s Victoria of MsFizz) Breeder: Mary Kalyniuk; owners: Karen Wills & Mary Kalyniuk. 6 month old Blenheim. Lovely size and well balanced shape with good bone. Large dark round eyes. Ear feathering coming as is body coat coming through. A face mark on non-show side did not detract from a very pretty feminine expression. Very good neck and good shoulders. Very good level top line and tail set with good tail carriage. Moved with drive from well angulated rear. All nicely parallel.

SENIOR PUPPY FEMALE (5 entries, 2 absent)
1st – PRIMAHAUS SUMMER LOVE (Ch. Roydwood Red Lion X Ch. Primahaus Elsie Nightingale) Breeder/owner: Linda Hauser. 9 month old Blenheim with well broken rich Blenheim markings. A nice shape and size with good bone. Large dark eyes give a pretty expression. Coat coming through. Well angulated rear, good drive and good parallel front movement.

2nd – CANTEBURY TOTALLY WICKED (Ch. Sheeba King Arthur X Cantebury Zenyatta) Breeder/owners: Bernice Newbury & Kim Gibbs. Another well broken 9 month old Blenheim. Again good size and shape, good bone. Large dark eyes giving a nice expression. A little heavier in the head than the winner. Nice coat coming through. Good rear angulation, good drive and parallel movement with a good front action.

3rd – KINGSHAVEN CINDERELLA (Ch. Loranka’s Penmachno X Kingshaven China Doll) Breeder/owner: Florence Blair. This was a good quality class with yet another well marked Blenheim. A little shorter coupled than the other two but still a nice size and shape. Could do with a little more bone. Good dark eyes with a very pretty feminine expression. Coat coming through. Moved well both front and rear.

15 – 18 MONTH FEMALE (1 entry)
1st – JEWELCROFTS’S GIRL NEXT DOOR (Jewelcroft’s CEO X Jewelcroft’s Dalecarlia) Breeder: Bonnie Sands; owner: Tessa Robillard. 14 month old Black and Tan. Dark round eyes and nice ears, a very pretty feminine expression. Good rich tan on the face but a tad lighter elsewhere on the body. A nice size and shape with adequate bone, but would prefer a little more body substance. Good rear angulation, nice parallel front movement also. Lovely temperament.

1st – RIVERRUN’S REACH FOR THE SKY RN/RA/RE (Ch. Riverrun Rocky Mtn Special RAE X Ch. Mingchen She’s All That) Breeder/owner: Barbara Lowden. Very pretty Blenheim with a lozenge. Nice size and good balance, good bone. Very good neck and well laid shoulders. Good level top line and moved fore square with good rear drive. Well feathered ears. Good coat coming through. WINNERS BITCH & BEST OF WINNERS

2nd – RIVENDALE CC CANTEBURY (Lanola Santana of Maibee X Pinecrest Rockin Robin) Breeder/owners: Bernice Newbury, Kim Gibbs, Christina Jandali. Well broken Blenheim with a nice expression. Good dark eyes a little runny today. Good size and balanced shape. Moved well. Coat coming well for only 19 months.

3rd – KIBERGO A JOLLY CHRISTMAS (Ch. Kibergo Analyse That X Cavaliking Ful Crcl to Kibergo) Breeder/owner: Brigitte Falch. A nice Blenheim with a rich colouration. Good bone, nice shape and balance. Head and body had a few freckles. Moved well.

4th – KIBERGO NEW JOY (Ch. Revelry’s Kibergo Barakiel X Ch. Kibergo Lancaster Rose) Breeder/owner: Brigitte Falch


OPEN FEMALE – RUBY (1 entry)
1st – DAWNAQUINN GOODNIGHT VIENNA (Can/Am Ch. Loranka’s Igglepiggle X Dawnaquinn Golden Dragon RA) Breeder: Wendy Maisey; owners: John & Charmaine Lindsay. A very glamorous ruby with a beautiful expression. Very feminine, large round dark eyes. Good nose pigment and long ear feathering. Good bone, nice size, long upper arm but good lay of shoulder. Good level top line and tail set. Moved well both coming and going. Reserve Winners Bitch

VETERAN FEMALE (7 – 9 YEARS) (1 entry)
1st – CAN. CH. KINGSHAVEN ONE GOOD REASON (Ch. Hurleaze Birthday Boy X Ch. Kingshaven Downunder Dreamtime) Breeder/owner: Florence Blair. Blenheim with lovely expression. Large dark round eyes, good length to the ears. Good reach of neck and good lay of shoulder. Level top line and tail set. Good bone and lovely size, well balanced. Moved with drive. In good coat and a lovely temperament.

MELROSE GOLD FOR BONITOS COMPANEROS (Bonitos Companeros Unbelievable X Bonitos Companeros Marlene Detrich) Breeders: Jorge & Melanie Kolb; owners: Barbara Magera MD & Elaine Mitchell. 2 ½ year old Ruby dog of nice size and well balanced shape. Very well feathered ears frame large round eyes. Lovely pleasing face and expression. Well presented, rich coloured coat. Good temperament. Moved soundly coming and going.

CAN CH. KINGSHAVEN JUST LIKE MAGIC (Ch. Loranka’s Penmachno X Ch. Kingshaven One Good Reason) Breeder/owner: Florence Blair. 4 ½ year old Blenheim bitch with a very sweet expression. Large dark eyes, well feathered ears. Well broken markings. Coat of good quality. Lovely size and well balanced shape. Good top line and tail set. Moved confidently in all profiles.

CAN. CH. MOYOLA SUBURBAN LEGEND (Ch. Covington Woodford Reserve X Ch. Moyola Scallywag for Beckwith) Breeder: Catherine McKenna; owner: Maureen Murray

CAN. CH. MINGCHEN GRAND SLAM (Am Ch. Aranel Slam Dunk X Am/Can/GRCh Mingchen Pacific Breeze) Breeder: Louise Pearce; owner: Garnet Mickael O’Brien. 4 year old richly marked Blenheim of good size and shape. Good dark round eyes. Good ear length and lovely coat. Moved with drive straight and parallel.

CH. MOYOLA MISS MITSY (Ch. Covington Woodford Resrve X Ch. Moyola Scallywag for Beckwith) Breeder/owner: Catherine McKenna. Blenheim with well broken markings. Very large dark round eyes, lovely expression. Just needs a little more fill. Good coat length and quality. Moved soundly


BABY PUPPY MALE (3-6 MONTHS) (1 entry)
MOYOLA CEARNAIGH AT RIVERRUN (Am/GrCh Mcytation Irish Blessing X Ch. Moyola Scallywag Siobhan RA) Breeder: Catherine McKenna; owners: Barbara Lowden & Catherine McKenna. Well broken Blenheim markings and clean white ground. Pleasing expression with good ears. Good neck and shoulders leading into a level top line and correct tail set. Very promising at only 3 months old.

GLENEIRE’S ROYAL PARTI DOLL (Ch. Nordictouch Sundance at Gleneire X Ch. Gleneire’s Royal Delilah. Breeder/owner: Bertie Nielson. 5 months old with well broken Blenheim markings. Very pretty expression. Good shoulders, good top line and tail set. More mature and confident today to beat the boy. BEST BABY PUPPY

STUD DOG (1 entry)

BROOD MATRON (2 entries, 1 absent)

1st – MOVADOS UPTOWN CARLIE GIRL (Movados Cowboy Casanova X Primahaus Discover the Bling) Breeder: Kellie Hoople; owner: Leslie Grauer. Two year old Blenheim with a lozenge. Pleasing expression, although the nose was a little off colour today. Nice well broken markings. Good size and well balanced, not overweight and with a good quality coat. Good top line falls slightly over croup, but moved well.


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