2022 National Critiques
Canadian National Specialty Show August 20th 2022. Judge: Tracy Jackson Thank you for the invite to judge your National specialty show. It turned out to be a long time coming! Thank you for your hospitality and a glimpse of your lovely countr...
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Results of the 2018 National

Judge: Sean Martin
September 1, 2018, London, ON

Junior Puppy Dog (6 entries)
1st – Kiddle’s Makeup Mafia at Carver – (GCh. Milbu Jim Dandy x Ladybrook Kiddles Baby Belle) breeder: Jennifer Barajas; owners: Chris & Shelly Hodgkinson
2nd – Mayfield Hercules at Hifit – (Mayfield Charming Chester x Mayfield Bobette) breeder: Marilyn Mayfield; owners: Robert & Wendy Parris
3rd – Mingchen Pots of Gold – (Ellemich The Sinner (USA) x Ch. Mingchen Sirius Contender) breeder: Louise Pearce; owners: Doug & Donna Ternovatsky
4th – Rowantree Never Give Up – (GCh. Hartscontent VSOP at Birchrun x GCh. Ruler’s Mist On The Heather) breeders: Margaret Jury & Mark Hagen; owners: Ron & Janet Burton

Senior Puppy Dog (5 entries, 1 absent)
1st – Cempa’s Wishful Thinking – (Embee Brinklow Fenton CGN x Cempa’s Runaway Bride) breeder/owner: Marianne Creary
2nd – Saranade Ricochet With Rumriver – (Bonniemadra Trigger Happy x Saranade Rendevous at Rumriver) breeders/owners: Penny Freeberg & Dawn Falk
3rd – Jewelcroft’s Eaast Coast Fever – (Ch. Kinvaar Believer Fever x Ch. Embee Jewelcroft Midnight Luau) breeders: Bonnie Sands & Mary Beth Squirrell; owners: Bonnie Sands & Lesleigh Von Borszowski-Dyk
4th – Lookout Secret Agent Man – (Cavernet Top Secret x Lookout It’s Love I’m After) breeders: Lisa & William May; owners: Anne Knauss & Lisa May

Bred By Exhibitor Dog (2 entries)
1st – Karlee Gray Stone Stuart at Cempa – (Cobbets Cockney Rebel x Karlee Gray Stone One of Those Things) breeders: C. Rose, D. Petralia, K. Rose, M. Creary; owners: Marianne Creary & Carol Rose –
2nd – Karrimah Surfin’ Safari – (Trefolk’s Missing Lind x Tansy Hill Heaven A Great Thyme) breeders: Judith Gates & Leah Trimble; owner: Judith Gates

Open Black & Tan Dog (2 entries)
1st – Bonitos Companeros Bullet Proof – (Pik Bube Vom Paulinenhos x Melrose Joy For Bonitos Companeros) breeders: Marcus Kirschbaum & Klaus Vorderstrasse; owners: Barbara Magera & Elaine Mitchell
2nd – Birchrun’s Johnny Be Good – (Ch. Embee’s Mischief Managed x Birchrun’s Lucky Blue Sapphire) breeders: Joan & Don Robinson; owners: Jennifer & Craig Leyes

Open Blenheim Dog (7 entries, 2 absent)
1st – Kean Shirmont Christian – (Miletree Joshua x Kean Kristine) breeder: Liz Keane; owners: Dr. Bruce & Shirley Henry & Liz Keane –
2nd – Cambryce Madee Twist of Fate – (Milbu Great Expectations x Cambryce Through The Looking Glass) breeders: Beverly Hofschulte & Jill Sherrin; owners: Madeline Schops, Beverly Hofschulte & Jill Sherrin – RESERVE WINNER’S DOG
3rd – Kinvaar All Fired Up – (Kinvaar Brodick x Kinvaar Lacascada) breeder: Deb Kerr; owner: Penny Freberg
4th – Karlee Gray Stone Guns N Roses – (Ch. Kinvaar Son of a Gun x Ch. Cobbhill Golden Margurite) breeders: Carol Rose & Mary Pat Brunson; owner: William Smith

Open Tri-Colour Dog (2 entries)
1st – Karlee Melk Abbey Lucky Lulu – (GCh. Karlee Peglen’s Rumbuntious x GCh. Karlee Gray Stone Over The Moon) breeders: Martin Melia & Carol Rose; owner: Laura Calabrese
2nd – Carver Halfmoon Can I Be Frank – (Ch. Halfmoon The Builder x Carver’s Isabella) breeders: Chris & Shelly Hodgkinson & Jean Tremblay; owner: Lorraine Cobb

Open Ruby Dog (1 entry – absent)

7-9 Years Veteran Dog (3 entries)
1st – Ch. Stellar Romancing The Stone at Tycwn – (Karlee Peglen’s Rumbuntious x Stellar Moonlight Romance) breeder: Mary Louise Gregg; owners: Anne Knauss & Carol Rose –
2nd – Ch. Karlees Behold The Penalty Box, PCD, RA – (Torlundy Courtlore Johnny Angel x Karlee’s Peglen Funny Hunny) breeders: Carol & Katherine Rose & Peggy Grapp; owner: Elin Becker
3rd – Ch. Chrys-Haefen Ddls Digl Glenire – (Ch. Chrys-Haefen Oscar Wilde x Ch. Chrys-Haefen Carefree Beauty) breeder: Jennifer McAuley; owner: Valerie Toth

9 Years & Over Veteran Dog (2 entries)
1st – Halfmoon Prove A Point – (Ch. Halfmoon Suppa Duppa x Halfmoon Cambridge Fairie Dust) breeders: Jean Tremblay & Elaine Mitchell; owners: Jean Tremblay & Monica Poisson
2nd – Ch. Cobb’s Grand Performance – (GCh. Kunrad V.H. Lamslag, CGN x Ch. Cobb’s Mary Maggie) breeder/owner: Lorraine Cobb

Junior Puppy Bitch (1 entry)
1st – Karlee Gray Stone Absolute Blast – (Cobbhill Absolute Attitude x Karlee Gray Stone Arctic Blast) breeders: Carol Rose, Katherine Rose, Darlene Petralia, Amy Cox; owners: Carole Rose & Darlene Petralia

Senior Puppy Bitch (6 entries, 1 absent)
1st – Miletree Magnolia at Shirmont – (Miletree Joshua x Miletree Florentine) breeders: Peter & Ruta Towse; owners: Dr. Bruce & Shirley Henry 
2nd – Birchrun’s Toast to Friends – (Chadwick Cheers at Hudsonview x Barrington’s Parisian Blonde) breeder: Joan Robinson; owners: Joan Robinson & Harry Barrington
3rd – Halfmoon Good Catch at Carvers – (Halfmoon Rule The Roost x Carvers Wicked Tuna Halfmoon) breeder/owners: Jean Tremblay, Chris & Shelly Hodgkinson
4th – Chiffinch Moonlight Mischief – (Ch. Embee’s Mischief Managed x Chiffinch Dream Catcher) breeder: Joanne Grossi; owner: Wendy Hindy

12-15 Month Bitch (1 entry)
1st – Darane Jane Eyre – (GCh. Burbrook Storm Chaser x Darane True Colors) breeder: Katherine Kates; owner: Lisa Cayo-Hossler

15-18 Month Bitch (2 entries)
1st – Saranade Merci Beaucoup – (Ch. Cempa Boom Boom Out Go Dalites x Saranade Rendevous at Rumriver) breeders: Penny Freberg & Dawn Falk; owner: Penny Freberg
2nd – Burwyns Sunrise Serenade – (Ch. Hartscontent VSOP at Birchrun x Ch. Karlee Gray Stone Sunrise Sunset at Cobbhill) breeders: Debra Mattice & Katherine Rose Szczesny; owner: Debra Mattice

Canadian Bred Bitch (2 entries)
1st – Amitola Angeni Sora Jewelcroft – (Ch. Stellar Romancing The Stone at Tycwn x Ch. Jewelcroft’s Girl Next Door) breeders: Tessa Robillard & Josee Arsenault; owner: Bonnie Sands - 
2nd – Whimsy Carnival Parade – (GCh. Miletree Carnival x Ch. Hackensack New Years Eve) breeder/owner: Susan Smith & Peter Schwark

Open Black & Tan Bitch (4 entries, 1 absent)
1st – Masterpiece Malikim Pyxis Nautica – (Quarterback vom Kaninchengarten x Masterpiece Muse of Comedy) breeders: Angela Thibodeaux & Jennifer Wehking; owners: Angela Thibodeaux, J. Wehking & M. Johnston
2nd – Glenire’s Ursula Black – (Ch. Glenire’s Odo The Hero x Glenire’s Jacaranda) breeder/owner: Valerie Toth
3rd – Dakshad’s Wild Thing – (Ch. Embee’s Mischief Managed x Ch. Barrington Santana Love Songs, RN) breeder/owner: Dawn Spencer

Open Blenheim Bitch (3 entries, 1 absent)
1st – Althof Sunshine Love – (Ch. You’re My Sunshine Vom Kaninchengarten x Althof Café D’amour) breeder/owner: Cornelia Hansen –
2ND – Castle Danger Little Miss Sunshine – (You’re My Sunshine Vom Kaninchengarten x Golden Vintage & Tapestry Irish Memories) breeder/owners: Jay Livesey & Brent Strege

Open Tri-Colour Bitch (1 entry)
1st – Cobb’s Fair Trade at Stonetree – (Carver Halfmoon Can I Be Frank x Cobb’s Co-co Nut) breeder: Lorraine Cobb; owner: Simone Vojvodin

Open Ruby Bitch (1 entry)
1st – AbbyManor’s Summer Star – (Embee’s Set The Night on Fire x AbbyManor’s Moroccan Jewel) breeder/owner: Judith Weir

7-9 Years Veteran Bitch (2 entries)
1st – Ch. Campanard’s Kalla Selina – (Campanards Thinks He’s Tuff xCampanard’s American Beauty) breeder: Britt-Louise Candika; owner: Joanne Grossi
2nd – Ch. Hackensack New Years Eve (SWE) – (Hackensack Fred Perry x Hackensack Ginger Rogers) breeders: Joakim Ohlsson & Jan Tornblom; owners: Susan Smith & Peter Schwark

9 Years & Over Veteran Bitch (1 entry)
1st – Ch. Burbrook Rebecca’s Last Fling – (Ch. Dubourg Coeur De Lion x Castlewood Burbrook Rebecca) breeder: Peggy Wallace; owner: Pamela Godfrey

Select Dog
Ch. Sigma Chi’s Jose at Mingchen – (Ch. Beckenhall Shirmont He’s the Ticket x Ch. Shirmont Picture Image) breeders: Elaine Whitney & Shirley Henry; owners: Elaine & Robert Whitney, Louise Pearce, Shirley Henry

Select Bitch
GCh. Mingchen Sea Breeze – (GCh. Miletree Carnival x GCh. Mingchen Pacific Breeze) breeder/owner: Louise Pearce

Awards of Merit
GCh. Rockcreek Mark Me First at Hifit – (Covington Makers 46 x Rockcreek Strike A Pose) breeder: Judi Steagall; owners: Robert & Wendy Parris, Judi Steagall

GCh. Burbrook What Dreams May Come – (GCh. Hartscontent VSOP at Birchrun x GCh. AbbyManor Burbrook Springfever) breeder: Peggy Wallace; owners: Elin & Barry Becker

Ch. Halfmoon No Gossip at Carvers – (Ch. Orchard Hill Charismatic x Ch. Halfmoon Comme Le Soleil) breeders: Jean Tremblay & Monica Poisson; owners: Jean Tremblay & Chris Hodgkinson






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