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2022 National Critiques

Canadian National Specialty Show August 20th 2022.

Judge: Tracy Jackson

Thank you for the invite to judge your National specialty show. It turned out to be a long time coming! Thank you for your hospitality and a glimpse of your lovely country. I was pleased to find some very lovely Cavaliers.

Junior Puppy Dog. (4).
1. Embee Brinklow When Dreams Go WAlkabout. 6 month old blenheim that moved out well both ways. Pleasing head with good bite. Nice round eyes , well set ears. Held a firm level topline standing and moving. A tad longer in back than 2nd.
2. Mingchen Yukon River at High Flight. Promising blen pup with appealing head, nice eye and expression. Well presented in good condition. Moving well in profile around the ring, but a tad untidy in front coming towards me.
3. Embee Cantata Island Mischief at Pairadocs. Ruby boy in nice coat. Pleasing head with good eye, bite and pigment. Lovely outline moving but a bit loose in front at the moment.
4. Jewelcroft’s Return on Investment. Well presented ruby, nice eye, bite and pigment. Going well around the ring. A touch shorter in neck than first 3.

Senior Puppy Dog. (1).
1. Stelwen Chiffinch Pride and Joy. Well presented B/T in flat silky coat and good condition. Dark round eyes giving a good expression, nice outline standing and moving. Tans could be brighter, front needs to tighten and bite could be better. Well schooled and handled.

12 - 15 month dog. (1).
1. Birchrun Dressed to Impress. Blen male with pretty head, lovely round dark eyes and good bite. Good bone and front, moving a bit reluctantly today, could be stronger behind and carries his tail a touch low on croup.

Bred by Exhibitor Dog. (2).
1. Dawnaquinn Spiderman. Glamorous masculine Ruby boy presented in fabulous coat and condition. Excellent head with good pigment and expressive eyes. Good bite. Moved out very well both ways with a firm topline and outline. A touch proud of his tail today.
2. Cabella Embee Rockin’ Christmas. B/T with pleasing head, bright tans, round eyes giving good expression. Moved out well both ways but not the outline of 1.

OPen B/T dog. (2).
1. Carlen Myrddin Wylit at Tycwn. B/T with kind masculine head, lovely eye,bright tans and good bite. Presented well with a flat silky coat. Moved well both ways and in profile. Could be a tad shorter in back.
2. Lavenderhills Cole Hauser. B/T of nice size, pleasing head with good eyes, well pigmented. Nice bright tans. Firm topline, tailset a touch high and he waas tending to pull on the move today which was affecting his movement.

OPen Blenheim Dog (3).

1. Chadwick Pursuit of Perfection. Blen with lovely outline standing and moving. Excellent neck and shoulders, a nice size, well boned. Presented well in lovely flat silky coat. Moved out well both ways. Masculine head with round eyes giving soft expression and well set ears. A would prefer a touch more length of muzzle, a very nice boy. Reserve Winners Dog.
2. Londoncor Kensington. Glamorous boy with pleasing masculine head. Fabulous bone, well coated. Good eyes and pigment, well made with good neck and shoulders, moving very soundly but a bit too much of him for me.
3. Lookout Secret Agent Man. Blen in good coat, a touch overweight so feeling the heat, which made him loose his expression. Went ok.

Open Tricolour Dog. (2)
1. Karlee Gray Stone Maverick. Eye -catching boy presented in lovely silky coat and condition. Lovely outline on the move with good neck and shoulders. Well boned with firm front. Proud head carriage with short level back. Pleasing head, tapered muzzle, round eyes. Nice bright tans, well used ears of good length, he kept catching my eye! Winners Dog and Best of Winners.
2. Serenade Romancing In The Rain at Tycwn. Heavily marked boy with lovely bright tans. Pleasant head with dark eyes, well made with good front. Well boned, moved steadily, rather proud of his tail.

9 Years and over Veteran Dog. (4).
1. Ch Jewelcroft’s Going Concern. 9 yr old Ruby, of good colour, looking in good coat and condition. Nice size and shape. Typical head with good bite, nice eyes, well pigmented. Moved out well both ways and in profile, carrying his age very well.
2. Ch KarleesBehold The Penalty Box. 11 yr old Blen looking well for his age. Pleasing head with good eyes and well used ears. Well boned, moving well for his age, a touch weaker behind than 1.
3. Ch Stellar Romancing The STone at Tycwn. 11 yr old TRi, with nice head, eye and expression. Bright tans, good bone. Moved out well.
4. Ch Barrington’s Lucas Skyestalker. 9 yr old TRi enjoying his day out. Well boned, short level back, dark eyes. A bit plainer in head than above.

Junior Puppy Bitch (4).
1. Cempa and Cedar Creek’s Silver Lining. 6 month old Blen. Lovely make and shape, strode out well around the ring with an excellent outline. Well carried head, short level back. Pleasing feminine head with round dark eyes, good bite, well set ears. Presented in good condition (still a bit fluffy!) well boned, lovely temperament. BPIS.
2. Barrington’s Sandpiper in Velaris. Nice B/T with lovely outline. Good neck and shoulders, level topline, good front. Pleasing head with bright tans, dark eyes and good bite.
3. Embee’s Such a Curious Dream at Venrose. Rangier Blen, not as well angulated behind. Sweet head, eye and expression. Well pigmented, happy temperament.
4. Cabella’s Hiding In Plain Sight. Smaller Tri, rather immature. Sweet head, dark eyes, good pigment. Moved ok.

Senior Puppy Bitch (6)
1. Havadream Hope is Burning. Well bodied and coated ruby, well presented in lovely coat and condition. Typical head with good bite, round eyes, well set ears. Short level back, firm topline, moved out soundly both ways.
2. Ceylin of an Excellent Choice. Sweet Tri, nice shape standing and moving. A little narrow throughout. Bright tans, presented in a nice coat and condition, moved, holding a good outline. Head needs to fill.
3. Crosstickle’s Giggling Gertrude. Tri bitch who moved well both ways. Head still needs to mature but she has nice dark eyes and bright tans.
4. Syrenia’s Forged in Fire. blen with short level back, nice shape in profile. Pleasing head with nice eye. Moved ok. Left her clothes behind today.

12 - 15 months bitch.(2)
2 blen’s of similar type and shape, both a nice size and shape.
1. Sigma Chi’s Phillipa at Edgewater. Had the better expression and eye and moved out well.
2. Barrington’s Helene’s Harper. Her mind was somewhere else so her back movement wasn’t as positive. She also shows a touch of white in her eye which detracts from her expression.

15 - 18 month bitch (5)
1. Halcyonia Mischief in the Maples. Heavily marked tri who won on her head, as the most typical in the class. Round eyes with good expression, nice outline standing and moving. Head with well filled muzzle, bright tans, well boned. Moved soundly.
2. Ruler’s Abbey Road to Sigma Chi. elegant blen, lovely outline. Short level back, good neck and shoulders. Well set ears with long leathers, dark eyes. Her head still needs to fill a lot in the muzzle. Moved out well.
3. Havadream Courage of our Hearts. Sweet b/t with nice dark eyes and bright tans. Held a good outline moving and standing, well handled, movement ok. But she needs to grow on.
4. Whimsy THe Iron Lady. Longer blen of good colour, well made with good neck and shoulders, not as feminine in head as above but she has a good bite and pigment.

Bred by exhibitor bitch (2)
1. Chadwick Roulette. A rather nice Tri bitch with a lovely outline. Well made with excellent neck and shoulders, firm topline held moving and standing. Small but well boned, typical head with round dark eyes with soft expression. Bright tans, well used ears of lovely length. Presented in lovely clean coat and condition, moved out smartly both ways and in profile around the ring. Winners Bitch. A of M
2. Syrenia’s Damascus Rose. Tri puppy with pleasing head, good bite, dark eyes and bright tans. Rather out of coat, giving away a lot in age. Moved OK.

Open B/T bitch (3).

3 nice girls.
1. Halfmoon Careless Whisper. Feminine girl with nice expression, sweet head with good eyes and bright tans. Short level back, good outline. Best mover in the class behind but a tad loose in front.
2. Jewelcroft Embee Starlight Luau. mature b/t not as soft in expression as 1. Pleasing head, nice outline and moving around the ring well. Could do with losing a little weight.
3. Halcyon Mischief’s New Girl. Nice head and eye, bright tans, nice outline with level topline. Moved smartly around the ring. A little longer cast than first 2.

Open Blenheim bitch. (3)
1. Hartscontent Jitterbug. Well broken blen with nice outline. Excellent topline on the move and standing. Well arched neck leading into good shoulders. Pleasing head with round eyes and well set ears. Went well.
2. Midsummers Chantilly Lace and Leather. Heavier marked blen in full coat. Nice eyes with dark rims giving good expression. Went well around the ring. Not as well schooled as 1.

7 -9 yrs Veteran bitch.
1. GCH Embee’s Raising the stakes. 8 yr old b/t looking very good. Moving out very well both ways. Still has an excellent topline. Well boned. Typical head with sweet expression.
2. Ch Embee’s HIghland Moon. another pretty b/t but not moving as well behind as 1. Lovely shape, size and outline. Very pretty head with lovely eye and expression, bright tans.

9 yrs and over Veteran bitch (1)
1. Ch Lavenderhills Lil Britt. Very pretty tri with lovely eyes and expression. Neat outline, still holding her topline. Moving very well for her age, sweet head, well used ears. Best Veteran.

4 - 6 month Dog class. (2)
1. Carriagehill Back in Black. B/t pup, lovely shape with nice topline. Pleasing head with dark eyes, good bite, bright tans. Nice flat silky coat, went well for his age.
2. Midsummers Tequila Sunrise. Blen with lovely head shape, well set on ears, good pigment and bite. Shows a touch of white in his eye, moved ok. A touch longer cast than 1.

4-6 month bitch class. (4).
1. Carriagehill Brown Sugar. Sweet ruby with lovely eye and expression. Good bite and pigment. Coat of good colour, moved well around ring for her age with a nice outline.
2. Carriagehill Bo Co Benefits. Lovely ruby that would have been my winner but, she didn’t want to move. Excellent outline, lovely neck and shoulders, short level back. Good head with nice eyes.
3. Havadream She’s a Mystery. Well schooled b/t. Sweet head with bright tans. Well boned, a touch longer cast than above. Flat silky coat.

4. Carriagehill Back Talk. B/t plainer in head, nice dark eyes, but they could be larger. Well boned, sweet temperament.


BOB: Ch Stelwen Saltwater Joys. Eye-catching feminine Ruby, that just kept taking my eye. Typical head not overdone in any way. Large round dark eyes and eye rims with gentle expression. Good bite, excellent pigment. Well set ears, used well with good length.
Presented in full silky coat and excellent condition. Moved around the ring smartly with a good head carriage. Good neck and shoulders, level topline and well carried tail, handled and presented really well.

BOS: Ch Embee’s Tux and Tails. Glamorous blen boy, gentle masculine head with good ear set. Large dark round eyes and good pigment. Well marked with coat of good colour. Moved out well around the ring with a smart outline, well carried head and level topline.

Select Bitch: GCHS Alderglen Siren Song. Lovely feminine blenheim of 8 years. Looking great for her age. Presented in lovely coat and condition. Moving well both ways and in profile. Classic head with lovely eye and pigment. Great neck and shoulders.Another that kept catching my eye.
Select Dog: Ch Cempa’s Wishful Thinking. Glamorous b/t dog presented in full coat and wonderful condition. Masculine but gentle head with large dark eyes, bright tans, good bite and pigment. Well set on ears used to advantage. Moved out well around the ring with a good outline, well boned.


Tracy Jackson.

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