2022 National Critiques
Canadian National Specialty Show August 20th 2022. Judge: Tracy Jackson Thank you for the invite to judge your National specialty show. It turned out to be a long time coming! Thank you for your hospitality and a glimpse of your lovely countr...
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2018 National Critiques

Judge’s Critique of the 2018 National Specialty
by Sean Martin, Glencross Cavaliers
I was very honored to be invited to judge at the CKCSCC National Specialty. It was my first time in Canada. This was a very well run show in a very nice Hotel. I would like to thank all the committee, my ring steward who did a great job also Mary Beth for taking the photos for me. After the show everyone went to a very good buffet and auction that was lots of fun. Everyone had a great time. I would like to say I was happy with my main winners. The B.I.S. dog could win in any country. I would love to have taken him home. I must comment on a few things that will have to be watched in the breed. There were a lot of dogs carrying very high tails which spoils the overall picture of the dog. I also came across a lot of incorrect bites. Otherwise I had a wonderful time and was very happy with my winner.

1ST Kiddles Makeup Mafia at Carver - Hodgkinson.
Pretty head Blenheim with BL spot, good eyes, well marked, in good coat. Good for size. Showed well and never stopped wagging his tail.
2nd Mayfield Hercules at Hifit - Parris
Not at nice in head as winner, Longer in muzzle, dark eyes good neck and shoulders. Heavier marked Blenheim. Moved O.K.
3rd Mingchen Pots of Gold – Ternovatsky.
Nice clean face and dark eyes. Good size and in good coat. Not as good on the move as number 2 above.
4th Rowantree Never Give Up – Burton.
Well broken Blenheim dog. Nose pigment not filled in and not a good bite.

1st Cempa’s Wishful Thinking – Creary.
BLACK and Tan. Nice head good neck and shoulders, good top line. Nice size. A little unsettled. Moved OK. Just carried tail a little high.
2nd Saranade Ricochet with Rumriver. – Faeberg and Falk.
Ruby Dog. Not as good in head as winner. Good top line, in good coat, moved OK.
3rd Jewelcroft East Coast Fever. – Sands and Lesliegh Von Borszowski – DYK
Black and Tan. Not as mature as above. In good coat not good on the move and close behind.
4th Lookout Secret Agent Man. – Knauss and May.
Well broken Blenheim in good coat. A little on the large size not good on the move and carried tail very high.
1ST Karlee Gray Stone Stuard at Cempa – owner Creary and Rose.
Nice size Blenheim dog, good top line, nice head, good eyes, in good coat. Heavy marked, carried tail a little high, moving a little close behind on the day but easy winner of class.
2nd Karrimah Surfin Safari – Gates.
Blenheim dog. Head OK. Shows a little white of eye, Well broken. Not good on the move. Wide in front and close behind. On the larger size.
1ST Bonitos Campaneros Bullet Proof – Magera and Mitchell.
Nice head with long ear feathers, in good coat and lots of it. Top line not so good and heavy in front. Moved OK carried tail proud.
2nd Birchruns Jonny Be Good – Leyes.
Nice size. Level Top line. Not as good in head as 1st place. Moved well on the day.
1st Kean Shirmont Christian – Henry and Keane.
Fabulous head with beautiful dark eyes. Very soft expression. Level topline and good tail set. He has a great coat and colour and in fabulous condition. He moved around the ring like he owned it. He has a super temperament. Good size. Really showed his socks off, would have taken him home in my case if I was given the chance. Winners Dog and B.I.S.
2nd Cambryce Madee Twist of Fate. – Schops and Hofschulte and Sherrin.
Pretty headed dog, good dark eyes, good neck and shoulders, well broken coat in good condition. Nice for size, good top line, moved well. Just a little proud of his tail. Res Winners Dog.
3rd Kinvar All Fired Up. – Freberg
Nice Head and dark eyes, good coat. Level top line, good size and moved well
4th Karlee Gray Stone Guns n’ Roses – Smith.
Good head, nice dark eye, good for size. Top line good, well broken markings. Moved a little close behind.
1st Karlee Melk Abbey Lucky Lulu. – Calabrese.
Pretty head on this dog, good eyes, topline good, in good coat. Heavy marked. Just carried tail a little high on the move.
2nd Carver Half Moon Can I Be Frank. – Cobb.
Another heavy marked Tri Dog. Not as good in head as 1st placed dog. Moving wide in front and close behind

7 - 9 Years VETERAN DOG.
1ST CH. Stellar Romancing the Stone at Tycwn. – Knauss and Rose.
Heavy marked Tri dog, nice head, good eyes, in good coat, good for size, Moved well. Best Vet in Show.
2nd CH. Karlees Behols the Penalty Box – Beker.
Bl Dog not as good in head as winner. Well marked coat. Moved OK. A little close behind.
3rd CH. Chrys Haefen Dols Digl Glenire. – Toth.
Tri Dog not as good in head as dogs placed in front. Size OK, not good on the move and coat not in good condition.
1ST Halfmoon Prove a Point. – Tremblay and Poissen.
Ruby Dog, moving well for his age. A little grey in face but looking good for his 14 years. Just carrying a little too much weight.
2nd CH. Cobbs Grand Performance – Cobb
Nice head on this Black and Tan. Moved OK. Coat not in good condition.
1ST Karlee Grey Stone Absolute Blast. – Rose and Darleen Petralia.
Pretty head on this Tri. Good eyes, nice size, in good coat, very happy and outgoing, moved OK.
1ST Miltree Magnolia at Shirmont. – Henry.
Very pretty headed Blenheim. Nice dark eyes, good neck and shoulders. Good size, level topline, in good coat. Moved well. Best Puppy In Show. Res Winners Bitch.
2nd Birchruns Toast To Friends. – Robinson and Barrington.
Nice head on this Tri, good eyes. She is a nice size, moved well and good top line.
3rd Halfmoon Good Catch at Carvers. – Tremblay and Hodgkinson.
Not as good in head as the two placed in front of her Long feather ears. Size OK. Good topline, moved OK.
4th Chiffeh Moonlight Dream. – Hindy
A little larger bitch. Good coat, good top line. Did not move well.
12 – 15 month bitch.
1st Darane Jane Eyre.
Pretty head. Good eyes, long ear feathers, nice size with good top line. Coat in good order. Moved well. Just carried tail a little high on the move.
15 – 18 MONTH BITCH.
1st Saranada Merci Beaucoup. – Freberg.
Well broken Bl. Head OK with a Lozenge spot. Level top line, Moving a little close behind.
2nd Burwyns Sunrise Serenade. – Mattice.
Slightly larger Bl. Nice head, well broken coat, very happy on the move.
1ST Amitola Angeni Sora Jewel . – Croft and Sands
Nice head Tri. Narrow blaze just spoiled expression. Well marked, in good coat, top line OK. Just carries tail a little high, moved a little close behind.
2nd Whimsy Carnival Parade. – Schwark.
Bl. Bitch. Nice size, long feathered ears, well broken coat. Head OK.Not as sound on the move.
1ST Karlee Gray Stone Dirty Little Secret
Nice head with narrow blaze, head OK. Showing white of eye, good for size and in good coat, nicely marked, moved well.
2nd Masterpiece Malikim Baroness Schraeder. – Thibedeau and Wehking and Johnston.
Ruby bitch not as good in head, narrow in face. Nose is off colour. Size good, topline good. Not as good on the move as winner.
1ST Masterpiece Malikim Pyxis Nautica. – Thibedeau and Wehking and Johnston
Nice for size in good coat, good bite, head OK. Moved well.

2nd Glenire,s Ursula Black – Toth.
Heavy made bitch, coat not in good order, not as good in head. Moved OK.
3rd Dakshad Wild Thing. – Spencer.
Not good in head, no fullness under eye. Longer cast than two placed in front, not good topline and did not move well.
1st Althof Sunshine Love. – Hanson.
Pretty headed Blenheim bitch. Nice long feathered ears. Good coat and well broken up. Good neck and shoulders, moved well and showed well.
Winners Bitch and Best Opposite Sex.
2nd Castle Dancer Little Miss Sunshine. – Livesey and Strege.
Nice head but preferred number one. Good size, well marked, in good coat. Nice neck and shoulders. Just moving a little close behind on the day.
1ST Cobb’s Fair Trade at Stonetree. – Vojvodin
Would prefer more filling under eye. Little long in fore face. Nice size, in good coat, moving close behind.
1ST Abbymanor Summer Star. – Weir.
Head OK. Long feathered ears. Would prefer darker colour. Good for size not good on the move.
1ST CH. Campanard Kalla Selina. – Grossi
Ruby bitch, head OK. Long feathered ears, in good coat, moved well.
2nd CH. Hackensak New Years Eve. - Smith and Schwark.
Larger Blenheim bitch not as good in head as first place. Well broken coat and moved OK.
1st CH. Burbrook Rebecca’s Last Fling. – Godfrey.
Nice head, good eyes, good size and in good coat. Moved well for 13 and a half years.
CH. Sigma Chi’s Jose at Mingchen. – Whitney and Pearce and Henry
Pleasing head, good eyes, good neck and shoulders. Well broken coat, good topline, good size and moved well.
Ch. Mingchen Sea Breeze. – Louise Pearce.
Pretty headed Blenheim in good coat. Well marked, good size and moved well.
CH. Rockcreek Mark Me First at Hifit. - Parris and Steagall.
Blenheim with good head. Long feathered ears. Rich colour, in good coat and moved well.
GCH. Burbrook What Dreams May Come. – Becker.
Well marked, good head, in good coat, long ear feathers. Good top line. Showed well.
CH. Halfmoon no Gossip at Carvers. – Temblay and HODGKINSON.
Nice head with long well feathered ears. Well marked, in good coat, good top line. Showed and moved well.
1ST Jewel croft Ember Rum Runner. – Sands.
Very pretty Ruby, Nice head, good tail set, very playful, moving very well for one so young.
Best Baby Puppy In Show.
2nd Sigmach’s Grand Slam. – Whitney
Nice head, well marked Blenheim. Not as good on the move as 1st place. Needs a little more confidence.
1ST Syrenia Victoria’s Love. – Rekuta and Kaziniec
Well broken Tri bitch, nice head, nice size, moved well.
2nd Brinklow Embee Victoria. – Moffat.
Nice head, dark eyes, well broken coat, nice size and moved well.
3rd Embee Amitola Chase the Wind. – Robillard and Arsenault.
Not as good in head as two placed in front. Needs to fill under eye. Finer made bitch, well broken. Not moving well on the day
4th Lakehouse Rose. – Tomlins and Whitney.
Larger Blenheim with spot. Well broken coat, not good on the move.


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