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National Specialty 2015 Critique

Saturday, September 4, 2015
Woodstock, ON
Judge: Markus Kirschbaum, Germany (Bonitos Companeros)

I would like to thank the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Canada for inviting me to judge their National Specialty Show 2015. I also want to thank everyone who entered under me, it was such an honour to judge your beautiful cavaliers. I and my partner, Klaus, had a fabulous time.

Thank you to the show chairs for the hospitality and for the basket of goodies in our room. It was a nice event to enjoy the auction run by the Whitney’s.

Also, thank you to my ring steward, Elaine Mitchell and Dr. Barbara Magera who took all the pictures for me, and everyone who worked so hard for this show.

Baby Puppy Bitch
1st - Rose Arbor’s Dance to Your Hartscontent – (GCh. Ch. Sheeba Girogio Armani X Rose Arbor Joyfull Blessing) Breeder: Betzie Smith; owners: Glen & Linda McKinnon.
Very promising Baby Bitch, moved very well for her age, big dark eyes, excellent outline, super temperament. Super pigment and coat texture. Very soft type. Best Baby Puppy
2nd – Woodmere Crystal N Lace – (Ch. Kinvaar Son of a Gun X Ch. Woodmere Dream Believer) Breeder/owner: Joan MacIntyre.
4 month old Baby Bitch, good substance, even top line, good bones for this age, excellent pigment. Nice temperament, bit long on leg at the moment.
3rd – Sigma Chis Adele at Shirmont – (Am/Can Ch. Miletree Carnival X Am/Can Ch. Shirmont Picture Image) Breeders: Elaine Whitney, Shirley Henry; owners: Robert & Elaine Whitney, Heather Langfeld, Shirley Henry.
Lovely 5 month old Blenheim Girl with good markings, dark chestnut on pearl white ground, shows a bit of white of eye.
4th – Embee Jewelcroft Midnight Luau – (Ch. Embee’s Mischief Managed X Embee Brinklow When Sparks Fly) Breeder: Mary Beth Squirrell; owners: Bonnie Sands & Mary Beth Squirrell.
This baby needs a bit more substance and time to develop, smooth face, super temperament.

Baby Puppy Dog
1st – Embee’s Mischief in Maui – (Ch. Embee’s Mischief Managed X Embee Brinklow When Sparks Fly) Breeder: Mary Beth Squirrell; owners: Christine Currey, Paul Martin, Mary Beth Squirrell.
5.5 month old Black and Tan Baby Boy with super substance for this age, excellent tan markings, moderate bone, happy little promising puppy, elegant mover.
2nd – Madrigal Foxtrot – (GCh. Shirmont Cannon Sureshot (USA) X Ch. Madrigal ‘S Wonderful) Breeder: Bev Dent; owner: Karen Tomlins.
5 month old Blenheim boy, needs more substance and ribcage for me, moved well. All over, a nice puppy who needs time to develop.

Junior Puppy Dog
1st - Coverdale Diamonds On Wall Street – (GCh. Coverdale Fade Into Sunset X Ch. Hillwood Diamond Diva) Breeders/owners: Margaret Miller & Juli Bennett.
Junior Puppy dog with excellent top line and tail set, little long for me, front and back movement correct, nice coat texture but prefer longer hair on him. Big eyes, good pigment
2nd - Diago Baby Face Nelson – (Ch. Kinvaar Son of a Gun X Ch. Revelry Diago Seduction) Breeder/owner: Diana Crago.
This puppy need time to develop, he needs more chest and ribcage, I love his good movement.

Senior Puppy Dog
1st - Mardigrais Beautiful Dreamer – (Ch. Kinvaar Son of a Gun (GRB) X Ch. Sigma Chi TNT at Mardigrais) Breeders: Lynne Oslach & Elaine Whitney; Owners: Eileen & Jason Sheridan.
10 month old Tri with lovely markings, medium size what I really like, with happy and soft temperament, dark eyes and his lovely tan markings give him a typical Cavalier look for me.

12-15 Month Dog
1st - Kinvaar Buttons Up The Back – (Angel’s Pride Benjamin Button X Johnasta Rose Crystal at Kinvaar) Breeder: Deb Kerr; owner: Penny Freberg.
Stylish moving Blenheim dog, big framed and sound. Love his expression and dark round double pigmented eyes. Front correct, moderate bones. Silky coat nice temperament.
2nd - Stonetree Mischief At Sushine – (GCh. Halfmoon Butter is Better X Ch. Halfmoon High Hopes, CGN) Breeder: Simone Vojvodin; owner: Susan Ling.
All over a nice dog with moderate size and proportion. Moved sound and elegant. A bit happy of his tail today. Nice bonding with his handler.
3rd - Glenire’s Persius – (Chrys-Haefen Dark Dulaman X Glenire’s Undaunted) Breeder: Valerie Toth; Owner: Dianne Carroll.
Black and Tan with soft expression, moved well with good angulation. Like his tail set and even topline.
4th - Syrenia’s London Calling – (GCh. Brinklow Winsman Marcello X Ch. Sigma Chi’s Burbon on the Rocs) Breeders: Barbara Kaziniec, Anthony Kaziniec, Elaine Whitney; Owners: Sabina Rekuta, Barbara & Anthony Kaziniec.
Sound dog with a soft expression and lovely dark eyes, his neck and shoulder are correct and his topline is even. He needs time to develop, needs a bit more coat and substance.

15-18 Month Dog.
1st - Karlee Gray Stone Bit O’ Blarney – (Ch. Karlee Peglen Rumbuntious X Karlee Gray Stone Viva La Vida at Barjon) Breeders: K & C Rose, Darlene Petralia, John Ioia; Owner: Lyla Furey.
Blenheim male with outstanding movement and lovely temperament. I was very quickly sure he would be my winner in this class. Excellent eyes, good pigment, soft melting expression, good coat with silky texture.
2nd - Glenire’s Odo The Hero – (Chrys- Haefen Dark Dulaman X Glenire’s Kendra Dumbledore) Breeder/owner: Valerie Toth.
Male dog with a short and compact body proportion. I really like his square body shape. Elegant mover very balanced.
3rd - Lavenderhill Lord Robert at Cempa - (Ch. Kinvaar Believer Fever X Ch. Brinklow Ava at Lavender Hill) Breeder/Owner: Catherine Aloe.
Tri boy also a really nice profile. Nice tan markings, he showed a bit of white of eye that steals him a bit of his expression, a bit low tail set, but all over a promising male.

Canadian Bred Dog
1st - Revelry Chances R – (Ch. Orchard Hill Charismatic X Ch. Revelry’s A Chelsea Morning) Breeders: Barbara Bond & Erin Neal; owner: Debbie Motley.
Male with ideal size for me, excellent long coat with silky texture, excellent profile, super expression with dark round eyes. Excellent nose pigment what I really like; he could have a bit more substance for me.
2nd - Sweetdavidwilliam Of Glenorchy – (GCh. Shirmont Cannon Sureshot X Riverrun Glenorchys Flashdance) Breeder: Ann Chambers; Owners: Bonnie & David Sweeting.
Happy boy with a really outgoing temperament. Nice profile when standing, moved a bit close behind and his tail set is also a bit low. All over a nice dog with qualities.

Bred By Exhibitor Dog
1st – Halfmoon Tinker Taylor – (Halfmoon Prove A Point X Ch. Halfmoon Precious Pearl) Breeder/owners: Valerie Bates & Jean Tremblay.
Excellent ruby male with super muscles, big framed, like his soft full face, elegant mover with an even topline and correct tail set.
2nd - Carriagehill All About Forever – (Lavenderhill Diamonds Are Forever X Ch. Jewelcroft’s Carmendy) Breeder/Owner: Judy McArthur.
This male dog has a rib cage I really like. His profile is excellent, he is sound and balanced and he was nearly my class winner today but he was a bit reserved; in the end, all over a quality dog.

3rd - Barrington’s Rob Roy – (Ch. Kinvaar Believer Fever (GRB) X Ch. Barrington Lady of Blairquhan) Breeder/Owners: Pat & Harry Barrington.
Male with classic marking on pearl white ground, moved ok today, excellent top line, shows a bit of white of eye; needs more confidence.

Open Blenheim Dog
1st - Cempa Boomboom Out Go Dalites – (Ch. Kinvaar Believer Fever X Ch. Cempa Carly Who’s So Vain) Breeder: Marianne Creary; Owners: Penny Freberg & Marianne Creary.
Blenheim boy with spot, excellent substance and ribcage, excellent shoulder and neck, excellent angulations, very short in profile what I really like on this boy. Excellent temperament elegant mover. WINNERS DOG
2nd - Winrob’s Master Plan – (Pascavale Jamie (USA) X Smiling Coming and Going) Breeder/Owner: Donna Robillard.
Blenheim boy with dark, big round eyes, bit short in the neck, correct front, excellent tail set and croup, moved free and easy. RESERVE WINNERS DOG

Open Ruby Dog
1st - Jewelcroft’s Going Concern – (Ch. Jewelcroft’s CEO X Jewelcroft’s Dalecarlia) Breeder: Bonnie Sands; owners: Bonnie Sands & Brian Gray.
Excellent ruby with lovely dark chestnut red quality coat, nice pigment, classic head type, excellent shoulder and chest, lovely elegant neck with an even top line and correct tail set, excellent substance and bone.

7-9 Veteran Dog.
1st - Ch. Revelry’s Shenanigans – (Ch. Revelry Lika A Rock, CD X Ch. Revelry’s Thief of Hearts) Breeders: Barbara Bond & Erin Neale-Rolstad; Owners : Diana & Gary Crago, Barbara Bond, Erin Neal-Rolstad.
Excellent Veteran in super condition, like his short profile and his dark and full pigment at this age. He moves still with lots of drive.
2nd – Ch. Hartscontent Vision to Behold, CD, RA – (Sheeba Special Discovery X Ch. Hartscontent Ain’t Misbehavin) Breeders: Glen McKinnon, Linda McKinnon; owner: Elin Becker.
Also an excellent Veteran boy with an elegant movement, his pigment is a bit off but all over a fit male; very balanced and a super profile. I like his type and his lovely expression.

10 Years and Over Dog
1st - Ch. Shirmont Rhapsody In Blue – (Ch. Hurleaze Bristol Blue X Ch. Shirmont Margaritaville) Breeder: Shirley Henry; Owners: Robert & Elaine Whitney.
This is the dog I could take home today! This 11 year old Veteran dog is an outstanding example for an ideal breed and show type. He is still in excellent condition and he is an advert for our breed. He is still happy and fit for the showing. It was a pleasure that I could judge this lovely Cavalier. He has the expression that a Cavalier should have with this dark, big, round double pigmented eyes. Excellent elegant neck and correct shoulders, even top line with correct croup and tail set. In coming and going his movement is sound and drive is excellent. BEST VETERAN & SELECT DOG
2nd - Stellar Fireball At Tycwn – (Stellar Heartsafire X Stellar Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Breeder: Mary Louise Gregg; Owner: Anne Knauss.
This 10 year old Veteran Dog is also a fit and vital dog. I really enjoyed seeing that old dogs can look like stars even they are veterans.

Junior Puppy Bitch
1st - Coverdale Diamonds And Champagne – (GCh. Coverdale Fade Into Sunset X Ch. Hillwood Diamond Diva) Breeder/owners: Margaret Miller & Juli Bennett.
Very promising Junior Puppy Bitch with excellent shoulders and neck, level top line and correct tail set. What I really liked is that she has the best substance in her class and a feminine soft look. Big round, dark eyes with melting expression.
2nd - Tapestry Annabella Oriana Of Golden Vintage – (Tapestry Moonlight Sonata X Golden Vintage & Tapestry Cead Mile Fajlte) Breeder: Cynthia Kusilek & Debbie Motley; Owners: Cynthia Kusilek, Debbie Motley & James Cupery.
Also an excellent Puppy Bitch with excellent angulation, sound movement with lots of drive. Soft feminine expression and super ear set.
3rd - Birchrun’s Lucky Blue Sapphire – (Ch. Hartscontent VSOP at Birchrun X Ch. Birchrun’s Lucky Summer Charm) Breeder/owners: Joan & Don Robinson.
Very typey young puppy, balanced, a bit close from behind, front level and correct, would prefer more substance on her.
4th – AbbyManor’s Here WE Go Again – (GCh. Miletree Northern Star X AbbyManor’s Ring My Bell) Breeder/owner: Judith Weir.
Puppy Bitch needs time to develop, soft full head but showed a bit of white of eye. Neck and shoulders are correct, even top line, a bit of a low tail set.

Senior Puppy Bitch
1st – Syrenia’s Dita Von Teese – (GCh. Brinklow Winsman Marcello X Ch. Sigma Chi’s Garnet at Syrenia) Breeders: Barbara Kaziniec, Anthony Kaziniec & Elaine Whitney; owners: Anthony & Barbara Kaziniec.
Super feminine Puppy Bitch with style and elegance. Mantel, lovely substance and ribcage for her age in lovely condition with silky coat. Friendly and open temperament, like her a lot! BEST PUPPY
2nd - Sigma Chi’s Rockin At Shirmont – (Ch. Miletree Northern Star X Ch. Sigma Chi’s Unchained Melody) Breeders: Elaine & Robert Whitney; Owners: Wendy Hindy & Elaine & Robert Whitney.
Also very stylish Bitch in this class. I really like her expression and her shining large, dark round eyes. Her coat is today a bit poor. What I really like on her is her strong chest. All over a really promising young lady.
3rd - Alderglen Sonata For Riverrun – (Am GCh BISS Aranel Renaissance, ROM X Am GCh/Can Ch Mingchen Canadian Girl, CGN) Breeder: SusanThompson; owner: Barbara Lowden.
Feminine solid colour Puppy Bitch, moves with style and elegance, needs more substance. I really like her drive from behind. A solid young Bitch with a promising future.
4th - Karlee Gray Stone Sunrise Sunset at Cobbhill – (Ch. Kinvaar Son of a Gun X Ch. Cobbhill Golden Marguerite) Breeders: Carol Rose & Mary Pat Brunson; Owners: Debra Mattice & Katherine Rose Szczesny.
This young girl needs time to develop. Nice neck and shoulders, correct angulation, classic head type.

12-15 Month Bitch
1st - Sigma Chi Blossom At Shirmont – (GCh. Miletree Northern Star X Shirmont Picture Image) Breeders: Elaine Whitney & Shirley Henry; Owners: Robert & Elaine Whitney & Dr. Bruce & Shirley Henry.
I really like her profile in standing, on the move she is a bit loose in the front. She still keep her top line even, which is what I like on her too. Soft expression big dark, round eyes.

15-18 Month Bitch
1st - Mingchen Sirius Contender – (Can GCh/Am GCh Miletree Northern Star X Can GCh/Am Ch Mingchen Pacific Breeze) Breeder/Owner: Louise Pearce.
This young lady has a square, short body profile, what I really liked about her. Her ear set is correct and her full soft head gives her a really nice feminine expression. She moves free and easy, coming and going correct. A little bit close from behind. All over a very nice brood type!

Canadian Bred Bitch
1st - Waggerden Wee Sister – (Ch. Shirmont Cannon Sureshot (USA) X Dellerose Waggerden Last Rumba) Breeder: Judy Temple; Owners: Patricia Lanthier & Judy Temple.
Outstanding bitch with classic body markings on pearly white ground. Super profile, what I really like is her short square body shape and her moderate ribcage. Altogether, with her lovely elegant neck and shoulders and even top line, she is the easy class winner today.
2nd - Madrigal Two Step – (Ch. Dellerose Last Dance X Ch. Madrical ‘S Wonderful) Breeder: Bev Dent; Owner: Karen Tomlins.
Also a very typey bitch, a bit on long legs for me. On the move free and elegant, with a lot of style. Soft and melting expression, her eyes are eye catching: dark, round and big, what I really liked on her.
3rd – Brinklow Allie Jazz – (Ch. Turretbank Merlot X Brinklow Rare Nika) Breeder: Norma Moffat; owner: Linda Twitchell.
All over a nice compact bitch. She was today not in full coat, a bit reserved also but with lots of qualities. Super angulation, neck and shoulders are correct, also an even top line and a super tail set.



Bred By Exhibitor Bitch
1st - Cempa’s Deliteful – (Ch. Kinvaar Believer Fever X Ch. Cempa Carly Who’s So Vain) Breeder/Owner: Marianne Creary.
Lovely Bitch with big, large dark eyes, excellent head type, short coupled, excellent substance with moderate bone, ideal size, moved with drive, super coat with silky texture. I really love her type!
2nd – Sarranade Shotgun Wedding – (Ch. Kinvaar Son of a Gun X Saranade Sweet Sixteen) Breeders: Penny Freberg & Mary Hanus; owner: Penny Freberg.
Stylish bitch with an elegant neck and super shoulders. Even top line, correct tail set. On the move free and easy. Very balanced bitch.

Open Black & Tan Bitch
1st – Embee’s Raising The Stakes – (Mileslip Withalittleluck of Tailgate X Ch. Mysticmoon’s Danika) Breeder/owner: Mary Beth Squirrell.
Black and Tan bitch with full and soft head, I really like her type, super shining clear tan markings, lovely open and sweet temperament, silky coat, good angulations, a bit close behind, correct in the front.

Open Blenheim Bitch
1st - Cragland Lovesong At Shirmont (Ch. Miletree Northern Star X Ch. Cragland’s Love Story) Breeders: Kandy & Barry Craigie; owners: Robert & Elaine Whitney & Dr. Bruce & Shirley Henry.
Excellent blenheim bitch with ideal size, full head, nice ear set, long ear leathers, super big and round dark eyes, excellent pigment. Balanced, short in body, good angulation, in top condition.
2nd - Sharpcies Tallygold Angel Eyes – (Ch. Kinvaar Believer Fever X Sharpcies Destiny’s Child) Breeder: Sherry Elford; Owner: Melva Vail.
Blenheim bitch with classic body markings, deep chestnut on pearly white ground, long silky coat, little long on legs for me… she also moved all time in pass.

Open Tri-Colour Bitch
1st - Karlee Gray Stone Arctic Blast – (Ch. Burbrook Storm Chaser X Chanctonbury Ambrosia at Gray Stone) Breeders: Amy Cox & Mike Bielwa, Darlene Petralia, Carol Rose; Owners: Carol Rose, Kate Rose, Darlene Petralia & Amy Cox.
Flashy tri girl with perfect good, broken markings on pearl white ground. Lovely long, silky coat. Her owner keeps her in lovely condition. On the move a bit loose in the front and a bit close from behind. Explant top line and tail set that makes her profile look very stylish in standing... She is my easy winner in this class. Reserve Winners Bitch
2nd - Saranade C’est Ma Soiree – (Ch. Saranade Special Day X Saranade Eternity) Breeders: Penny Freberg & Mary Hanus; Owner: Penny Freberg.
Also a flashy tri in this class with the typical broken white and black markings we want to see on a tricolour cavalier. Lovely neck, super top line, a bit close from behind. Classic head type, one eye shows a bit of white that steals a bit of her expression, but all over a super Tri Bitch.
3rd – Sheeba Cantebury Gellie Bean – (Ch. Sheeba Java Joe X Sheeba Comedy Tonight) Breeders: Karin Ostmann & Jasmin Becker; owners: Kim Gibbs & Bernice Newbury.
*Editor’s note: unfortunately there was no critique for this girl. All that was sent under her number was a series of ??????

7-9 Years Veteran Bitch
1st - Ch. Wugs Kisses For Burbrook – (Sanickro Magic Star (USA) X Ch. Burbrook Piece of a Wug Puzzle) Breeder: Lisa Lott; Owner: Peggy Wallace.
7.5 years old blenheim bitch with spot, in good condition , sound movement, long silky coat, extent ribcage, she and her handler built up a super show team, I really like her super open and always friendly temperament.
2nd - Ch. Barrington Burbrook Firefly – (Ch. Barrington’s In Like Flynn X Barrington’s Fiona) Breeders: Pat & Harry Barrington; Owners: Wendy & Kim Stringer-Hansen.
7.5 years ruby bitch, also in super condition. I really love her deep ruby red colour that is so important for a nice ruby Cavalier. Soft head, little short neck, even top line, excellent angulation. Her temperament is also open and free, I love her never stop wagging tail.

10 Years and Over Bitch
1st - Woodmere’s Princess Tara – (Ch. Brinklow Barrington Flashback X Ch. Brinklow Woodmere’s Chime) Breeder/owner: Owner: Joan MacIntyre.
What a veteran Bitch! 14 years old and still a show girl with lots of power. She moves very stylishly for her age. Balanced body shape, super top line, excellent tail set and angulation. It was a pleasure to judge all these Veterans but that Girl was the Top! BEST VETERAN BITCH

Ch. Miletree Carnival – (Miletree Constellation X Ch. Shirmont Birthday Carousel) Breeder: Peter & Ruta Towse; Owners: Dr. Bruce & Shirley Henry & Robert & Elaine Whitney.
Head of the Day….This is a blenheim of excellent quality. Beautiful type head, with large, round, dark eyes, moderate muzzle, correct bite and excellent pigmentation. Correct ear set, well-framing a completely unexaggerated and clean, soft, but still masculine, face. Moderate bone and substance. He moves with style and elegance, and carries himself with personality. Everything fitting neatly together, he gives a lovely outline. I really love his beautifully marked coat of quality and condition. A well-deserved Winner!


AWARDS OF MERIT (no critiques were received)
Ch. Cempa It’s Elementary Watson – (Ch. Kinvaar Believer Fever X Ch. Brinklow Scottish Bluebell) Breeders/owners: Norma Moffat & Marianne Creary.

G.CHEX Cragland’s Brace For Impact, CGN – (Ch. Shirmont Rhapsody in Blue X Cavashon Angel Eyes) Breeders/owners: Kandy & Barry Craigie.

Halfmoon No Gossip at Carvers – (Ch. Orchard Hill Charismatic X Ch. Halfmoon Comme Le Soleil) Breeders: Jean Tremblay & Monica Poisson; owners: Jean Tremblay & Chris Hodgkinson.

Ch. Shirmont Rhapsody in Blue – (Ch. Hurleaze Bristol Blue X Ch. Shirmont Margaritaville) Breeder: Shirley Henry; owners: Robert & Elaine Whitney.

Ch. Rose Arbor Hoochie Koochie – (Sheryane Adonis X Rose Arbor’s Angel Face) Breeder: Betzie Smith; owners: Glen & Linda McKinnon.

Best Blenheim – Ch. Miletree Carnival
Best Black & Tan – Ch. Jewelcroft’s Dalacarlia
Best Ruby – GCh. Turretbank Merlot
Best Tricolour – Halfmoon No Gossip at Carvers




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