2022 National Critiques
Canadian National Specialty Show August 20th 2022. Judge: Tracy Jackson Thank you for the invite to judge your National specialty show. It turned out to be a long time coming! Thank you for your hospitality and a glimpse of your lovely countr...
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The Cavalier

A Pet Owners Perspective

Hardly a day goes by when I am out walking my dogs that I am not stopped by strangers. You see, people are usually lured in by my Cavaliers soulful eyes, rapidly wagging tails and happy grins. Everyone wants to know all about them. And so my story begins...

I swore when I got my first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, that like my past dogs of varying breeds, my first Cavalier would sleep downstairs. I couldn’t possibly sleep with a dog smothering me and hogging my bed. Today, this past self-proclaimed one dog per household owner has not one, but two Cavaliers gracing my side on most winter nights and, for that matter, the occasional warm summer one as well! Cavaliers were bred to want to be near their owners and they take their role very seriously. They are loving, compassionate, intuitive dogs that provide a lifetime of companionship; the ultimate lap dog.

But wait! Am I giving the impression they are soft, house bound dogs lazing on a couch hours at a time? Hardly! Derived from the spaniel breed, Cavaliers also have a sporty personality raring to tree a squirrel, take in a hike, jump off a dock or retrieve a ball.

Cavaliers are such a versatile breed. With their intuitive ability to provide comfort they make excellent working therapy dogs while their sporty nature allows them to clear an agility jump with ease. I just love how this well rounded breed fits into a variety of family lifestyles.

Written by Debbie Souch

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