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BC Regional Specialty 2014 Critique

April 2014
Chilliwack, BC

Judge: Tracy Jackson, Amantra Cavaliers, UK

1st – SHEEBA FORE CANTEBURY (Am Ch. Sheeba Super-G X Sheeba Express Deloght) Breeder: Karin Ostmann; owners: Bernice Newbury & Kim Gibbs. 6 m Blenheim dog puppy, pleasing head with nice eye showing no white, well placed ear, good mouth, and well boned. Sound moving behind, excellent topline & tailset, a little long cast & his front needs to tighten.

1st – MINGCHEN TAKE A CHANCE (Aranel Revelation X Ch. Mingchen Dancing With Stars) Breeder: Louise Pearce; owner: Linda McCarver. Richly marked well coloured Blenheim, excellent topline & tailset. Well laid shoulder, moved well in profile around the ring, but a little close behind going away. Nice ear leathers, mouth needs to correct & pigment could darken.

12 – 15 MONTH MALE
1st – KIBERGO ROYAL LAD (Ch/Motch Moyola Lad of the Lake X Kibergo New Joy) Breeder: Brigitte Falch; owner: Jennifer McLean Blen boy of nice size, nice flat skull with well-placed ears, good mouth, dark eyes showing no white. Moved ok around the ring, tail placement could be better, happy temperament, I would like a touch more neck.
15 – 18 MONTH MALE
1st – PRIMAHAUS DIAMONDS FOR KENRIC (Ch. Sheeba King Arthur X Ch. Kingshaven Diamonds AreForever) Breeder: Linda Hauser; owners: Michele Matheson & Warren Zieper. Richly marked Blenheim with masculine head, good mouth & pigment, good eye, well used long ear leathers, but a little long in muzzle for me. Won this on his excellent neck & shoulders, lovely topline moving & standing, went well around the ring. WINNERS DOG & BEST OF WINNERS.

2nd - KACPER DOBRY ROK (Toraylac Mastermind X Royal Rose Dobry Rok) Breeder: Wioletta Matusiak; owner: Florence Blair. Well broken Blenheim, sweet head, well used ears, good black pigment. Happy temperament, of nice size, but not the neck of 1 so movement not as flowing. RESERVE WINNERS DOG.

1st – LYNWOOD PERFECT PITCH (Sevenwoods Dakota X Lynwood Seven Bridges Road) Breeders: Linda Baird, Susan Shidler, Meg Ispas-Hennessey, Woody Goode; owner: Linda Hauser. Well presented, well-marked blenheim in good coat.. Sound moving with good neck & shoulders & an excellent topline. Well placed, well used ears, good mouth, pigment & eye, but a little plain in head.

2nd - CHARLOTTETOWN JUST WILLIAM. (Maibee Make Believe X Charlottetown Olympia) Breeder: S.V. Barwell; owners: Monique Tyler & S. V. Barwell. Richly marked blenheim of different type. Ear set & pigment not as good as 1, good mouth. Well boned, moved soundly, I would prefer a flatter skull & a little more enthusiasm.

1ST – MISHKA POWERHORN BAY (Can/AmGRCHEX Sheeba Happily Inspired CGN X Cayenne Shining Star) Breeder: Venita Lang; owner: Thomas Faulkner. Well-marked tri, bright tans, fabulous ears, used well, good mouth. Eyes a little bulbous. Went well around the ring with a firm topline, tail carried a little high. Needs to mature in head, but still a young dog.

1st – CAN/AMGCHX SHEEBA HAPPILY INSPIRED, CGN (Am Ch Sheeba Special Inspiration X Sheeba Sweet Enchantment) Breeder: Karin Ostmann; owners: Thomas Faulkner & Rhonda Blair. 9 yr old blenheim, still moving enthusiastically around the ring. Well bodied, well-marked coat, nice round dark eye, pleasing head sound moving, looked well for age.

2nd – CAN/AM CH. SHEEBA HIGHLAND WIZARD (Am Ch. Sheeba Harry Potter X Am Ch. Sheeba Hermione) Breeder: Karin Ostmann; owners: Thomas Faulkner & Rhonda Blair Tricolour of 9 yrs, excellent ears & leathers, dark eyes showing no white, good bite, not as bodied as 1 or as full of life. Went well.
1st - CAN CH CHARLEMERE SPECTACULAR BID. 14 YR Blenheim moving very well around the ring, sprightly & sound. Good bite & teeth, well bodied, short level back, just showing his age as a little cloudy of eye, otherwise you would think he was a much younger dog. BEST VETERAN.

2nd – CAN/AM/GCHEX SHEEBA TED E BEAR, CGN/RN (Am Ch. Telvara Incognito X Am Ch. Sheeba Go For The Gold) Breeder: Karin Ostmann; owners: Karin Ostmann, Thomas Faulkner & Rhonda Blair. 13 yr old blenheim with a lovely head & sweet expression. Well-marked with spot, not moving as well as 1 but preferred his head.

1st – MSFIZZ KISS ME ONCE AT KEWPY (Bekenhall Jailhouse Rock X Ch. Devon’s Victoria of MsFizz) Breeder: Mary Kalyniuk; owners: Karen Wills & Mary Kalyniuk
Blenheim with spot, pleasing head, good mouth, nice pigment, dark eye (but showing a little white). Of good size, nice make & shape, held a good topline moving & standing, coat coming. Moved soundly behind but needs to tighten in front. RESERVE WINNERS BITCH & BEST PUPPY.

1st - CANTEBURY TOTALLY WICKED (Ch. Sheeba King Arthur X Cantebury Zenyatta) Breeder/owners: Bernice Newbury & Kim Gibbs. Well broken blenheim, won this class on her head as it was the most typical. Round dark eyes, good pigmentation & gentle expression, mouth not correct, but didn’t look it. A bit up to size, but a nice type of bitch, well boned, a little long cast.

2nd - SHEEBA TRUFFLE. (Am. Ch. Sheeba Super-G X Sheeba Hershey) Breeder: Karin Ostmann; owner: Bernice Newbury & Kim Gibbs. Lovely body, excellent movement, fabulous neck & shoulders. Well presented in silky coat, good bone, excellent temperament, went well holding a firm topline, well used ears, but she had rather a harsh expression.

3rd - PRIMAHAUS SUMMER LOVE (Ch. Roydwood Red Lion X Ch. Primahaus Elsie Nightingale) Breeder/owner: Linda Hauser. Bitch of nice size, excellent neck & shoulders, good ear leathers, well placed & well used. Well-marked coat moved soundly but head rather plain.

4th KINGSHAVEN CINDERELLA (Ch. Loranka’s Penmachno X Kingshaven China Doll) Breeder/owner: Florence Blair. Sweet head with nice round dark eye, good pigment & mouth. Well-marked coat, but rather shy, didn’t use her tail to advantage & looked rather tucked up on the move.
1st – JEWELCROFTS’S GIRL NEXT DOOR (Jewelcroft’s CEO X Jewelcroft’s Dalecarlia) Breeder: Bonnie Sands; owner: Tessa Robillard. Sweet B/T, nice soft silky coat, lovely bright tans, good bite, round dark eyes giving soft expression. Well used ears, nice shape, went OK around the ring holding a good topline.
OPEN FEMALE – BLENHEIM - A difficult class as a lot of different types.
1st - RIVENDALE CC CANTEBURY (Lanola Santana of Maibee X Pinecrest Rockin Robin) Breeder/owners: Bernice Newbury, Kim Gibbs, Christina Jandali. Well-marked Blenheim, won on her head that was most typical, well placed ears, good bite, round dark eye, but showing a little white. Went well around the ring & up/down, but her topline could be firmer.

2nd - KIBERGO NEW JOY (Ch. Revelry’s Kibergo Barakiel X Ch. Kibergo Lancaster Rose) Breeder/owner: Brigitte Falch. Bitch of good shape, excellent neck & shoulders, not moving as well behind as 1. Well-marked coat, Blenheim spot, not using her ears to advantage, a little plain in head & she could do with more animation.

3rd – KIBERGO A JOLLY CHRISTMAS (Ch. Kibergo Analyse That X Cavaliking Ful Crcl to Kibergo) Breeder/owner: Brigitte Falch. The best mover in the class, excellent topline & tailset, but had rather light eyes giving a hard expression. Well-boned, lovely temperament.

4th - LITTLE ENJOY (Ch. Stavonga Sirius X Royalston Enchantress) Breeder/owner: Monique Tyler. Bitch of nice shape, short back, enough leg. Nice coat in silky condition, went ok. Nice eyes with sweet expression, but very undershot.
OPEN FEMALE – RUBY (1 entry)
1st – DAWNAQUINN GOODNIGHT VIENNA (Can/Am Ch. Loranka’s Igglepiggle X Dawnaquinn Golden Dragon RA) Breeder: Wendy Maisey; owners: John & Charmaine Lindsay. Nice type of bitch, pleasing head, lovely round dark eye with soft expression, well used ears, good bite, pigment a little off. Went well around the ring & both ways, excellent topline & tailset, a steady mover, soft coat, a little long cast. WINNERS BITCH.
VETERAN FEMALE (7 – 9 YEARS) (1 entry)
1st – CAN. CH. KINGSHAVEN ONE GOOD REASON (Ch. Hurleaze Birthday Boy X Ch. Kingshaven Downunder Dreamtime) Breeder/owner: Florence Blair. Pretty headed bitch, nice round dark eyes with sweet expression. Well boned, moved OK holding her topline, a pretty girl but a little overweight.

GRCH CRAGLAND’S BRACE FOR IMPACT, CGN (Ch. Shirmont Rhapsody in Blue X Cavashon Angel Eyes) Breeder/owners: Kandy & Barry Craigie. Glamorous blenheim male, well-presented in lovely coat & condition. Masculine head with dark round eyes giving soft expression, excellent pigment & good bite. Long ear leathers, well feathered & well used. Good bone, straight front, excellent neck & shoulders, moved soundly around the ring & both ways, a really lovely boy.

CAN CH. KINGSHAVEN JUST LIKE MAGIC (Ch. Loranka’s Penmachno X Ch. Kingshaven One Good Reason) Breeder/owner: Florence Blair. Feminine blenheim, pleasing head with good eye, pigment & bite. Well presented, coat of silky condition, moved soundly both ways & in profile.

They made a very pleasing pair.


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